Maxim's Story

Migrated from war-torn Lugansk, Maxim and his younger brother came to the current orphanage as refugees. 


Nearly 115 children were moved and located in the current orphanage in August 2014.


Maxim’s family is one of them. First, they were relocated from Lugansk (war zone) to the sanatorium near Odesa in June 2014. Shortly after, the sanatorium requested refugee families and children to leave and find a new place to live.


War has completely shattered their lives. They left their homes, friends, and everything behind. Now homeless, jobless, and exhausted by never-ending misery.  


In all this, children are suffering the most. 


Like Maxim and his younger brother left with their poor and homeless mother, who lost her home and job and had nowhere to go. Their mother was offered to work in an orphanage, where she still works, devoting all her free time to children.


Maxim has to work part-time in a coffee-shop to make some money. And he has the warmest smile to all visitors, just as he wants to be welcomed as a refugee. 


You can support Maxim’s education, help him cover the gaps in education to be able to pass the exams into the university of his dreams. Maxim needs tutoring in Math, English, History, and Ukrainian language. Help this boy to open new doors of opportunities.

Help him follow his dream of becoming a graphic designer. 


You have the power to provide a safe present and build a strong future for refugees, orphaned, and homeless children like Maxim.

Name: Victoria

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Location: Ukraine

Dream: To complete School


Raised $75

Our Goal $1,139


 Tianzhen Lin

Donated: $10


Donated: $1

 Qirsa Rasheed

Donated: $1

Every child has a dream -

a dream of a bright and happy future

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