Artem's Story

After losing home to war, Artem and his younger brother came to the current orphanage as refugees from East Ukraine. They had to leave war-torn Lugansk in June 2014 and temporarily stayed at a sanatorium near Odesa. Shortly after, the sanatorium requested refugee families and children to find a new place of residence. 

That’s when nearly 115 children were moved and came to the current orphanage in August 2014.

Homeless. Jobless. And heart-broken. Artem’s mother, along with two kids, started to live in an orphanage. She started a job in an orphanage as a cook. So her two boys were not alone in their hardship. She is working till now and devoting all her free time to children. 

Working as a cook in an orphanage cannot help children complete their education. Artem dreams of becoming a lawyer to help people around him. But, the boy has gaps in education that need to be bridged before he attempts to pass exams – he needs tutoring in Math, English, History, and Ukrainian language.

Please consider helping Artem to fulfill his dreams. Your small donation can bring a big change in the life of an orphan. Because no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. Donate today!

Item: Tablets

Quantity: 10

Age-Group: 4 - 16 Years

Location: Ukraine

Purpose: Gamified Learning


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Our Goal $3,319



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 Qirsa Rasheed

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Every child has a dream -

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