Victoria's Story

Victoria’s father and her mother carried an unethical and disturbing lifestyle. So she never had a chance to experience a loving and warm family environment. Always been neglected and uncared for by her parents. 

One late night, she had to stay and sleep outside. Her mother got drunk and did not let her in the home. When neighbors saw it, they called the police.

After witnessing the poor condition of a child, police brought Victoria to the current orphanage for her safety.  But Victoria was heart-broken.

She loved her mother regardless of what happened and truly hoped she would change. She prayed that her mother would find the way to God. And craved for mother’s love.

Sadly, this did not happen. Recently, Victoria has found out that her mother passed away. 

The death of her mother caused Victoria great pain and sadness. But despite her grief, she stays strong and believes in miracles. She is a kind soul and is hopeful of her future. 

Victoria turned her misery into strength and kindness. Can you be kind to her? And consider supporting this young girl with the possibilities of a new chapter in her life?

Name: Inna

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Location: Ukraine

Dream: To become a teacher


Raised $67

Our Goal $626


 Tianzhen Lin

Donated: $25


Donated: $25


Donated: $20


Donated: $2

 Qirsa Rasheed

Donated: $3

Every child has a dream -

a dream of a bright and happy future

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