Yulia's Story

At 14 y.o., Yulia lost her mother. And she never knew her father. 

After her mother’s death, Yulia was placed in a family-type orphanage. She faced bullying and abuse there. Her teachers-caretakers did not protect or take care of Yulia.  Then, Yulia called a community worker to take her out of it. The social worker responded promptly and took Yulia to the current orphanage.

After coming to the current orphanage, Yulia was quite reserved and stayed in her shell, afraid. Due to her past traumatic experiences, she was unable to trust anyone. 

However, everything turned out to be the opposite of what she expected. Yulia felt comfortable and safe. Also, she got a chance to make good friends.

Yulia discovered she’s very gifted in painting. Through lines and colors, she can express herself well. She dreams of becoming an artist. And create masterpieces in design and architecture.

Your support can help Yulia’s dreams come to life by providing her a chance to bridge gaps in Math, History, Ukrainian and English languages. Your investment in an orphan can make her life better and brighter.

Name: Valya

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Location: Ukraine

Dream: To become a psychologist


Raised $44

Our Goal $733



Donated: $10


Donated: $1

Every child has a dream -

a dream of a bright and happy future

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