Yulia's Story

Yulia came to the current orphanage herself, bringing her two younger brothers along. Upon feeling unsafe, she could not stay any longer with their alcoholic mother, who was often violent towards her children. 

After some time, all three siblings were adopted into a new family. But due to differences in the personal characters and priorities of new parents in parenting styles, they brought kids back to the current orphanage after six months. 

It was extremely traumatic for the kids. Another home, another disappointment. Aggrieved. Heart-broken. Kids became very closed and detached from everyone else. 

For a long time, Yulia didn’t speak to an adult and trust no one. 

However, studying in the school helped her to come out of her shell. Books helped her engage with the people around her. 

Today Yulia is finishing up her school and dreams of becoming a teacher. So she can help the children as she is now being helped. While she is trying to study on her own, she must get guidance and tutoring for the courses that will be on final exams – Math, History, English, and Ukrainian languages.

Please consider helping Yulia to find her path.

Name: Artem

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Location: Ukraine

Dream: To become a Lawyer


Raised $76

Our Goal $1,139



Donated: $459


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 Tianzhen Lin

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Every child has a dream -

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