Ariana's Story

Ariana, along with her three siblings, faced difficult consequences for being orphans. After becoming orphaned at a very young age, they were adopted by a family in the Kyiv region, Ukraine. 

At the time of adoption, her older sister was seven, and her younger brother was only one. Little children with hope in their eyes for a new home and new parents! Unfortunately, their new parents turned out to be vile. They only brought them into their home so children can work on their farm. 

The adoptive mother and older sister were abusive towards children. They never went to school, nor did they have a chance to learn anything. 

They were only workers in the field and forced to sell alcohol and cigarettes. 

Children realized this was all wrong from the beginning. One day they decided to ask for help themselves.

Their adopters got charged with criminal offenses. And now there is a decision of deprivation of parental rights pending in court.

Now Ariana dreams of completing her education, becoming independent, and having an ability to provide for herself.  

In the summer, she completed exams and got admitted into university to study design.

Even after facing hardships, she still dares to do well in her life. But, she needs your support. Please help an orphan girl to fulfill her dreams.

Name: Artem

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Location: Ukraine

Dream: To become a Lawyer


Raised $76

Our Goal $1,139



Donated: $50

 Kateryna Mueen

Donated: $50


Donated: $2

Every child has a dream -

a dream of a bright and happy future

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