IIona's Story

Ilona has two brothers and one sister. Their single mother raised three kids. But when the mother tried to build a personal life for herself, her relationship with her children took a lower priority. 

Illona and her mom’s new partner couldn’t establish a fairground. As a result, a lot of mistrust and fights started to happen between daughter and mother. 

During one of the fights, Ilona decided to leave home and found herself in a current orphanage. She found a sense of peace here and even improved her discipline. Ilona started to improve in the orphanage, and she finds peace to dedicate her time to her studies.  

She passed entry exams to the college and is now learning to be a chef. She likes it a lot and waits with anticipation for each day of education. She truly enjoys cooking and gladly shares her creations with other children in her current orphanage. Please help Ilona to complete her education and fulfill her dreams.

Item: Tablets

Quantity: 10

Age-Group: 4 - 16 Years

Location: Ukraine

Purpose: Gamified Learning


Raised $9

Our Goal $3,319


 Kateryna Mueen

Donated: $36


Donated: $30

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