Valya's Story

Valya has a younger brother and a single mother who was struggling to provide for them both. At one point, her mother got addicted to alcohol so much that she abandoned her children. And Valya had to become a mother for her younger brother. She hardly had time to attend school. 

Abandonment and lack of parental support deeply affected her self-esteem, education, and lifestyle. She got involved with the wrong company, which introduced her to drugs and alcohol. 

After some time, her continuous absence from school got forwarded to the local authorities. After taking a closer look at Valya’s family, they recognized the need to place Valya and her younger brother into the current orphanage.

Valya’s initial progress in school was low. Butt after six months in the orphanage, it dramatically improved, and the girl was able to finish the required school program. With care and guidance, she regained her confidence and did well in education too. 

She also passed university exams and got admitted to the faculty of “Psychology of Emergencies.” Valya says that she wants to become a psychologist and work at the orphanage to have the ability to help children like her. Valya works during her vacation breaks, but it’s not enough to pay for her education. 

Valya has unbeatable strength and big dreams which can make this world a better place. All she needs is your support! 

Please help Valya to fulfill her dreams and complete the education.

Name: lIIia

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Location: Ukraine

Dream: To become a businessman


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Our Goal $1,139



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 Qirsa Rasheed

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