Inna's Story

Inna was sexually abused by a family member. The girl tried to open up to her mother, but the mother did not believe her. And one day, after another traumatic abuse experience, Inna ran away from the house to protect herself. She found herself coming into a current orphanage in June of 2016.  

She became very doubtful that she couldn’t trust anyone being good and kind to her until she started going to church. At first, she was wearing all black and turned away from anyone who looked at her. Her unusual behavior was her response to inner turmoil caused by unfortunate events in her life. 

But after some time, she found solace in faith and prayer. She started working in a youth movie club. She started picking Christian movies for other children and inspired other kids to change their lifestyle for good. 

Due to past harrowing experiences, Inna lost a year in her studies. But with her persistence and diligent extra work, she was able to pass an entry exam to the university to get closer to her dream. 

Inna wants to be a teacher and guide children in the orphanage.  Children like Inna turn their suffering into strength. Their strength is what makes the world a better and safer place. 

Please help Inna to pay for her education and make her dream come true.

Name: Ariana

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Location: Ukraine

Dream: To become a designer


Raised $102

Our Goal $733



Donated: $40

 Tianzhen Lin

Donated: $15


Donated: $10

 Qirsa Rasheed

Donated: $2

Every child has a dream -

a dream of a bright and happy future

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