Margarita's Story

Migrated from war-torn East Ukraine, Margarita came to the current orphanage. First, she was relocated from Lugansk (war zone) in June 2014 and temporarily stayed at a sanatorium near Odesa. 

Shortly after, the sanatorium requested children and families to leave and asked them to find a new place of residence. That’s when nearly 115 children were moved and located in the current orphanage in August 2014. Margarita was one of them.

Margarita helps part-time in the coffee shop and makes some pocket money. 

Tormented by the war and left everything behind, she only brought her dreams along – a dream of becoming a surgeon. She wants to complete her education and rescue peoples’ lives. Please help this girl to improve her knowledge in Math, History, English and Ukrainian languages, so she can pass the exams.

Please consider helping Margarita to fulfill her dreams. Your small act of kindness will have a tremendous impact on her life.

Name: lIIia

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Location: Ukraine

Dream: To become a businessman


Raised $27

Our Goal $1,139



Donated: $20


Donated: $3

 Qirsa Rasheed

Donated: $2

Every child has a dream -

a dream of a bright and happy future

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