Over 140 million orphans in the world; abandoned, neglected, and vulnerable. Every orphan child has a tragic story of loss, lack of love, care, and resources. After leaving orphanages, children are most exposed to exploitation, abuse, and violence.

We aim to make orphans self-sufficient, strengthen them through quality education.

How it works

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Identify Orphan
Education Needs

We gather and verify information about orphans through orphanages and make children profiles, assess their educational needs and dreams.

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Connect to

Donors select a child through our platform to support orphans' needs in their native countries by financing their education.

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Monitor the

Our representatives monitor education progress and provide updates to our donors on the success achieved by the orphan.

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Transparency and Trust

We believe that our donors should see exactly where their money is going. From supporting every campaign to sending resources to a child, financial transparency and accountability are the heart of our model.

We build a connection between a child and a donor, a lifetime relationship of kindness with no expectations.

Every child has a dream -

a dream of a bright and happy future

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