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Our vision is to build a brighter tomorrow one child at a time by providing a chance to fulfill their dreams to every orphan and needy child.

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We give better education to orphaned and needy children by connecting them with donors. In this way, every child has a chance to make their dreams come true and build a better future. As every child carries the fate of the world and our tomorrow.

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Every child has a dream - a dream of a bright and happy future. Unfortunately, some children do not have an easy path to achieve what they want. From an early age, they experience a loss of a parent or close one; they feel unwanted, abused, and abandoned. Some of them never felt the love and care of a family member, warmth of a home, or guidance of a kind heart. They feel lost!

Our organization is creating opportunities for children who are living in an orphanage or children orphaned by society. We believe the possibility of a prosperous tomorrow begins with a chance. We embrace education as a key to unlock the doors and lead to a path of a better life. Our purpose is to identify the educational needs of orphaned children and help them to obtain the necessary training to achieve their dreams!

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Founder & CEO

Kateryna Mueen

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Kashif Mueen

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Aziz Buran

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Regional Director - Ukraine

Nataliya Teslya

Support Team

Project Manager

Rabia Kabir

Backend Developer

Shahid Ahmad

Digital Marketing Manager

Sana Shahid

Digital Content Strategist

Sabygha Bazmy

UX/UI Designer

Bilawal Shah

Front End Developer

Farrukh Waseem Akram

QA Engineer

Qirsa Rasheed

Every child has a dream -

a dream of a bright and happy future

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Orphans Chance is headquartered in Arlington, VA, and is a 501(c)(3) organization.
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